What Is The Purpose Behind Dedusting?


Dedusting is the process of industrial cleaning of the bulk solids by using some form of compressed air. Dedusting mainly removes some of the fine impurities, like dust and contaminants, from the bulk solid materials. This method mainly uses the screening process also to remove the impurities.

Types of industries that mainly use dedusting

Dedusting systems are most often used with material handling and some of the processing systems, like conveying and cutting systems.

They are mainly used by some of the major industries, like:

  1. In the plastics industry, this is mainly being used in separating paper, cleaning some of the plastic pellets, and regrind.
  2. This process is also used in the case of waste and recycling. This mainly helps in separating the materials as well as filter cleaning.
  3. In the case of pharmaceuticals industries, there is the cleaning of tablets and pills.
  4. In the food industry, this process is being used for cleaning corn, rice, peanuts, and coffee beans.
  5. The process of dedusting can be used in the paper industry to remove dust as well as fibre.
  6. This process can be used in removing the sawdust and cleaning the wood pellets from the timber industry.
  7. Deducting can be used in the processing of iron ore and special sands in the mining industry.

Tips to consider for the dedusting system

  1. It is necessary to choose the appropriate dust collecting system. Dust collectors normally come in different shapes and sizes.
  2. One must be strategic about their facility’s layout, which is an important aspect to consider. The smart layout must contribute to the increased efficiency. When choosing the best layout for the facility, it is essential to keep safety at the top.
  3. It is necessary to check the dedusting equipment regularly.
  4. The hopper of the dust collector must not be used for storing dust. The hopper is mainly intended to funnel process dust to the storage bin. Dust that has accumulated in a hopper mainly creates the potential risk for fire. Dust present in the hopper may also decrease the collector’s performance.
  5. If the dust collection system mainly uses filters, one must make sure they change them regularly. If the filters become overburdened, they no longer work efficiently and may possess a fire hazard.
  6. It is also necessary to add safety accessories.

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