Solo travel can be both exciting and intimidating. You need to prepare for certain things before going on a solo trip. Having all the necessary documents is an important aspect of traveling.


Your passport is your primary identification document when traveling internationally. It will serve as proof of your citizenship and identity in foreign countries. Before embarking on a trip, make sure your passport is current and valid. Travelers’ passports should be valid six months beyond the arrival date in many countries, so check the expiration date well in advance. Obtain a new passport or renew your current one immediately. Make several copies of your passport before leaving home: one copy should be kept with a trusted friend or family member back home while another should be carried separately from the original document while traveling.


Many countries require visitors to obtain a visa before entry into their territory. A visa is an endorsement on your passport indicating that you have permission from that country’s government to enter its borders. Before booking any travel plans, research the visa requirements for each destination you plan on visiting during your trip thoroughly. Some visas take weeks or a few months to process, so factor this into your travel itinerary accordingly. It’s also essential to check if any additional entry requirements exist based on nationality or specific circumstances like health concerns or criminal records. Failing to meet these requirements can result in being denied entry at customs upon arrival. These are the documents you need to have when travelling to Australia.

Travel insurance

While no one wants anything negative happening during their travels abroad, it’s always better to be safe than sorry by purchasing travel insurance before leaving home. Travel insurance provides coverage against unexpected events such as medical emergencies, canceled flights, and lost luggage among others. Before purchasing travel insurance, research and compare different plans to find one that perfectly suits your needs. The policy’s validity and coverage should be checked. Travel insurance policies should always be carried with you on vacation as proof of coverage.

International driving permit

Driving abroad requires International Driving Permits (IDPs). IDPs provide proof of your home country’s driver’s license, which allows you to drive legally in more than 150 countries. To obtain an IDP, visit your local automobile association or motoring club before leaving home. You’ll need to provide them with a completed application form, two passport-sized photos, and payment fees. Keep the original copy of the IDP along with your other essential documents while carrying another copy separately from where you store the original document.