Are you staring at a tree wondering how am I going to get move this tree to a different location? Are you looking for a few large trees to beautify your property? Maybe you want to move it to a different part of the yard.

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Factors to Consider Before transplanting a Tree

 Transplantation is a stress full process for the tree. The plant may not be fit for transport or the area where you wish to plant the tree may lack adequate sunlight. It is important to consider these factors as they will save you time and money.

Location and the Plant

Transplantation causes a large amount of strain on the tree. To minimize this strain, you should make sure the plant can handle being relocated. If the plant is thriving in its current environment search for a new location that similar conditions.

Arrange the tree in its original position and ensure it is getting the same amount of sunlight each day. Before you pull the tree from the earth place a string on a branch to help you place the tree in its original state.

Type of Tree

 Trees that have extended tap roots such as walnut, pecan, or some oaks and pines are very challenging to transport. Trees grown in sandy soils can also have extended tap roots in addition to wide lateral root systems than other landscaping plants grown in clay-based soil.

Access the Health of the Tree 

 Unhealthy plants should not be moved as they may not withstand transplanting. The wise course of action would be to find the problem, treat the plant, and delay relocation until it is healthy. The plant may be unhealthy because of the soil or a lack of sunlight.

Sunlight and Soil Type 

Underexposure or overexposure to sunlight can cause severe problems for the tree. To remedy this situation, pick a new spot where the tree can get the ideal amount of sunlight.

An unhealthy tree can be attributed to the soil. In some cases, moving the tree may not be the solution. Conduct a soil test to see if the tree is conducive to the current environment and modify the soil pH as needed.

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