The Top 3 Tips That Will Give You Healthy Skin


Many people are walking around every single day without taking any preventative measures in order to protect the skin on their face, hands and body. These are the same people that will age before their time and then will look at themselves in the mirror wondering where they went wrong. Medical practitioners and beauticians have been stating for such a long time now that we need to moisturize and protect our skins every single day and especially now that the earth seems to be getting warmer and the sun getting more dangerous.

Good skin care is all about making sure that you provide it with essential sun protection and you cleanse it on a regular basis using your produce cream (known as รับผลิตครีม in Thai). Doing these things helps to keep your skin healthy and gives you that pink glow that many people will envy you for. Many people say that they can’t put aside time every single day for skin care but if they want to look younger than they actually are and they want to prevent many different skin problems then they need to follow these top tips.

  1. Protection from the sun – This is excellent advice and particularly so if you live in a climate that has sun all year round. People who don’t take proper precautions to protect your skin often end up with wrinkles and age spots that they wouldn’t otherwise have had if they had used some kind of moisturizer with sun protection.
  2. Give up smoking – If you currently like to smoke cigarettes then this is one of the major things that can damage your skin and it contributes heavily to wrinkles. If you continue to smoke then your blood vessels will get narrower and this means that blood cannot flow easily and readily throughout your skin.
  3. Gentler is the key – People think that they shower or bathe on a regular basis that they are protecting their skin but they are in fact moving essential oils from the surface of the skin itself. If you like taking hot showers then turn down the temperature and try not to use any soap that have strong smells and instead choose something that is a lot milder.

If you follow these tips then there’s no reason why you can’t have perfect skin that glows every single day. It is also just as important that you follow a healthy diet and eat food that is rich in fish oil.

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