Techniques Under Brick Experts


Brick Experts are an easy way to update any space, or home landscape is to paint painted bricks,” says Fiona King, Taubmans Colour Specialist. “Walls provide a canvas for creative vision and add much-required color – the style this inexpensive prediction step can transform the feel of the house.

Tips and techniques on how to apply paint to visible bricks:

  1. Not only can a wall that’s been prepared properly make paint simpler, but it will facilitate a long-lasting, colorful finish.
  2. Ensure that any remaining trashes are removed by thoroughly cleaning the brick wall with a mild water bath of household soapy water after painting.
  3. Rinse the wall after the containment has been washed and checks that it is dry before continuing.
  4. Make sure you prepare the ground and leave to cool thoroughly when painting for greater durability and a cleaner, more professionally made topcoat.
  5. When drastically changing the brick wall color, the second coat of primer is necessary, as it helps effectively blocking the dark brick color when painting with a brighter paint color.
  6. You are using a minimum of two-three coats to secure the proper finish on your paint job.

Do’s and don’ts while brick painting:


  • Just prepare. Planning is important for success.
  • For an excellent finish and smoother paint hiring process, indulge in a high-performance polish like Taubmans 3 in 1.
  • Enable the walls to clean thoroughly in paint coats, particularly if coating over a dark wall with a lighter color, to determine the color adhesion accurately.


  • To paint a sharp edge, estimate how much pigment you would need. Bricks are brittle, needing more paint to paint both crevices than normal.
  • Paint over crusted bricks or glass. This increased output only relates to traditional masonry building bricks that are exposed.

Brick Experts increasing trend in interior decorating is white-washed walls. Bearing in mind that when building with a lighter color, white-painted exposed bricks with Taubmans 3 in 1 properly prime darker bricks return a fresh but bright feeling to a room. Whites, including Crisp White Survive paint from Taubmans, will make bulky brick items look less dominant. Silver is ideal for retaining while modernizing any space, the charming design and texture of the brick. Nevertheless, make certain that two coats are primed on the walls to guarantee the dark bricks are completely covered when working with a lighter.

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