In Winters, you might be thinking about how to stay cozy after coming back from work. Here, brings a PestPro Thermal. It has one low voltage cord on the sides and two high voltage cords in the bottom of the control panel, making a cozy environment. They also have a digital monitoring system that indicates the inside and outside the treatment area to ensure the temperature dispersion throughout the treatment.

Types Of Treatment 

First, standard treatment takes more than five hours. It treats up to 300sq feet in the frame building in a light-moderate infestation. Second. Additional treatment, it treats up to 400 sq feet in heavy infestation and buildings which are concrete constructed.

How to use PestPro Thermal?

  • On the heater, turn the switch towards the off position, plug all power cord, and switch towards the on position.
  • To see the temperature of the areas in which treatment is done, the digital monitoring system has a button to scroll sensor from one to another, and the button is named ‘CH.’
  • Prepare the room for treatment, furnished machine to Hi heat. When you are ready to begin, unplug all the technical machines or air-conditioner and separates the beds over three feet. Put the heater near the foot and bed. Make sure to keep on distance from the bed. Fans should be placed on the sides of beds. Leave the heater on for ten minutes.
  • To ventilate all the areas, open windows and doors, unplug and remove all the heaters and fans.

Purpose of PestPro Thermal

PestPro Thermal fans’ purpose is to distribute the heat in the areas and prevent the area in which bed bugs can survive. It also gives the environment positive vibes. Both the treatment, which is standard and additional, both of them are safe. Bed Bug Heater is extremely portable, long-lasting, and has high quality. Also, heat kills all life stages of bed bugs with both treatments. All fans are used in industrial areas where heat is unreachable.

Winding Up

PestPro Thermal made this technology to make the areas cozy and comfortable and make your life much easier. It is affordable and easy to use to make your lifestyle warm. All the technology is hand-built; they take guarantee of giving you the right product. The heat released by the fans will not be harmful. It penetrates everywhere, including unreachable areas.