The Mobile Boutique is a concept that is gaining popularity fast in the UK and other parts of Europe. The idea behind the “Mobile Boutique” is to provide customers with a more personal shopping experience, as well as providing a more unique outlet for the high street retailer.

Retailers who offer mobile phones at attractive discount prices for a limited period are an ideal target for this type of shop. As the UK economy takes time to recover from the recession, retailers are keen to take advantage of any opportunity that might arise.

The UK mobile market has traditionally been dominated by high street stores. Large stores can afford to offer discounts to keep their loyal customer base, but there is not much room for smaller shops in this environment. The “Mobile Showroom” store combines the advantages of a large store with the unique atmosphere of a mobile phone-only store.

The mobile phone store offers customers a unique experience. It is mobile in style and a “no compromise” service. Customers can buy mobiles for cash at the “Boutique” counter or spend hours trundling up and down the high street stores trying to find the perfect mobile phone.

There is no pressure to buy, no sales gimmicks, no pushy salespeople and staff, and no annoying collection boxes to collect. It feels like you have left the high street store and entered the latest gadget shop. There are even opportunities to receive gifts for mobiles that you buy.

As, well as mobile phones, the “Boutique” will stock other accessories such as chargers, headphones, GPS/EOF units, Bluetooth headsets, sim cards, USB sticks, and memory cards. There will be free delivery on selected items and an onsite service where you can return products if they are faulty. As well as being independent businesses, the “Boutique” are not franchised or controlled by any company, individual, or dealership.

The owners of the “Boutique” will meet with customers in the customer service area of the store and personally assist them in choosing the mobile product that will best suit their needs. If the customer is unhappy with their choice of product, they have the option to return the item for a different or similar model. There are no salespeople or overheads involved.

By taking such an unusual approach, the “Boutique” mobile phone store is different from most mobile phone stores on the high street. Many of the big-name phone retailers have their marketing campaigns, which they use to market their products. As well as the marketing campaign, they also target the younger generation with “hip” mobile phones. By advertising to the younger generation, you can be sure that they will be more likely to purchase a phone that appeals to them. This type of marketing is proving very popular with teenagers who are attracted to the “hip” devices of today.

Although the “Boutique” mobile phone store caters to a different audience than the major mobile phone companies, they do have a similar marketing focus. They want to make sure that the customers they have on their books know that they can rely on them when it comes to making their voice heard.

When you go into a mobile phone store, you should not feel like you are being sold something that does not suit your needs, you should feel that you are buying the phone that is right for you. By taking this approach, you are ensuring that you will be satisfied with your purchase in the future.