Improving your Employment Background Screening Process with Bankruptcy Search


Hiring a new worker can cost your organization lots of money in on-boarding and orientation. However, you may spend more on it when your hire forces your company to lose money, time, and clients. This makes background checks a critical aspect of the recruitment process.

More thorough background checks for employment will disclose bankruptcy filings. It is not legal for public employers to reject a job application based on bankruptcy. Employers are prohibited by federal law to discriminate against applicants in this way. But, private employers who consider credit history relevant job-related criteria can deny employment based on a bankruptcy filing.

Getting Access to Bankruptcy Filings

Microbilt’s bankruptcy search tool can help you identify personal bankruptcies associated with a job applicant. The United States has 94 bankruptcy districts that adjudicate all bankruptcy filings. Bankruptcy Search allows for a comprehensive search across all federal districts and returns records for Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 bankruptcies. With this tool, you can query by individual name, address, SSN/TaxID using flexible search options. You will get information such as the debtor’s name, address, SSN, filing state, additional debtor name, court, case number, and more. It helps offer peace of mind to your company as you hire high-profile positions, positions with access to sensitive information, and positions with access to funding. Additionally, it is a single, comprehensive search across all bankruptcy courts in the country. It helps identify risky candidates because of the nature of the jobs they are applying for. This tool allows you to make careful and informed hiring decisions.

Benefits of Employment Background Screening

Your organization performs background checks to verify the qualifications of a job candidate.

Here’s how employment background screening can add value to your organization:

  • Improve the quality of your hires. Background checks help reveal false information on resumes. When job applications don’t provide accurate information on their education, employment history, criminal history, certifications, and employment eligibility, this could lead to poor hires. Also, this can result in financial, regulatory, and legal risks for your company.
  • Ensure regulatory compliance. An effective employment program, which includes Microbilt’s background screening products, helps your organization avoid costly fines, legal damages, or loss of privileges. It lets your company satisfy industry standards as well as state and federal requirements.
  • Improve the safety and security of your workplace. Employee theft is one of the leading causes of business failures. By conducting background screening, you increase high quality and better protect your property and employees against workplace violence, theft, and accidents.

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