With the rise of portable media players such as the Apple iPad, along with digital cameras and camcorders capable of shooting in full HD, the possibilities for broadcasting live events are literally endless. Live streaming technology allows you to stream, produce and share video in real-time, just like traditional live television.

All that you have to do to Live Stream Singapore is a web enabled device, such as a smart phone or tablets, and a reliable hosting platform (like a website or application) for your live stream to use. This article will introduce you to the live streaming devices and platforms you can use to live stream to your website or application.

The best way to go live on the Internet for the maximum audience exposure is to use an application or website that enables you to instantly post your streams to any popular social networking sites such as Facebook. The most popular social sites on the Internet today are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.

If you want to make the best possible use of your live streaming opportunities, you should not only post your streams on these sites but also sign up to receive notifications on any new posts that go live on your account.

In addition to using applications or websites to stream your live events, another way to build the maximum amount of exposure for your online business is to use a combination of social media as well as traditional, online marketing techniques.

Use YouTube and other popular video sharing and publishing sites to expose your content to the largest audience possible. You should also sign up to receive notifications when any new blog posts, product announcements or website content goes live on your account. Social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are not the only ways you can promote your online business.