How to Deal With the Lack of Internet Traffic on Instagram


Who can blame you if you want to find out why it’s so difficult to keep Instagram followers? Have you crafted the absolute most beautiful Instagram photo, then tried to smile for hours on end while responding to every comment posted by your followers, which earned you a nice 10 new followers within the span of a single day! But alas, the fortune did not last; you ended up losing at least 15 more Instagram followers within the course of a single day! So now what are you supposed to do?

There’s one thing that seems to be quite the universal solution to this dilemma: deactivate your account and completely hide your Instagram account from all those who want to follow you. This seems to be the best solution to an increasingly frustrating situation where suddenly, instagram followers are disappearing one after the other. The reason for this is not exactly the bots, but rather the dormant accounts that instagram users have unintentionally left open, with the intention to manually access them later.

There are two major problems with this method of handling your Instagram account. The first is that you will not be able to interact with your Instagram audience in any way. When you close your account down, you cannot send messages, respond to mentions, or share any content. You can’t even reply to comments anymore, since these actions would immediately get your account deleted from the system. This effectively kills off your instagram followers as well, since they won’t see your posts and replies coming from real people, and won’t automatically believe everything you say.

The second problem with deactivating your account is that it doesn’t actually help you grow your instagram followers list. Why? Because you still have to resort to other social media platforms to sell your products, and other platforms require real people to be part of their audience before they’ll be sold to or advertised to. So essentially, even if you deactivate your account, you aren’t actually growing your audience at all! If you’re just hoping that people will magically come to you because you have hundreds of fake account likes, then you’re going to be disappointed, and if you want real, noticeable growth in your company’s brand, then you have to go after the audience, and the audience is online.

There are a few different ways to handle deactivating your Instagram account. The first is to simply unfollow anyone who leaves your account without your approval first. Sometimes people will leave your page without a clear reason, and it’s because you didn’t approve their request to unfollow you. This is a huge problem, and one that I’ve seen far too many marketers commit. The other option is to go into an internet marketplace like ClickBank and look for an affiliate product that has a link to your instagram page. This will cost you about 30 dollars, but it will also help you grow your audience significantly if you have a substantial number of subscribers on your page.

Dealing with buy followers (comprar seguidores) and Instagram users is very similar to dealing with losing followers on Facebook. You have to identify who you are appealing to, and then you have to get to their level to sell to them. If you go after the wrong crowd, then you’ll be wasting your time, money, and even energy… stay true to your audience and keep making great products for them!

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