Ras Al Khaimah is the UAE’s northernmost emirate. Currently, it serves as one of the flourishing business destinations that are grabbing several industrial investors’ attention. It’s a wonderful combination of cost competitiveness and a business-friendly environment.

To elaborate, it stands for Ras-Al-Khaimah Economic Zone. It’s a strategic location & a supportive business environment that has become a home to more than 14.5k companies and holds over 50 industries.

Are you looking for an investment ground to establish your business in the UAE? Well, RAKEZ turns out to be your excellent location. This treatise takes you through a whole range of benefits to avail. So, setting up a business in Rakez is worth your investment: here’s why.

#1 Tax Exemption

One of the significant parameters that drive entrepreneurs to establish an entity in the UAE is tax exemption. This same rule is applicable to Emirates of RAK, where it offers a tax exemption for budding industrialists. They can establish the business roots accordingly.

#2 Exclusive IT Parks & Industrial Hubs

RAKEZ aims to grab the attention of business investors prevailing globally. One of the important steps the offers are the segmented sections dedicated to activities of relevant industries. They include trading, manufacturing, etc. The noteworthy industrial areas include RAKEZ Business Zone, RAKEZ Academic Zone, etc.

Considering the business or IT parks, this region covers the following:

  • Technology Parts for tech businesses and trading
  • Business parks dedicated to business & corporate entities
  • Industrial parks for manufacturing
  • Educational hubs that target the implementation of academic institutions

#3 Industrial & Business Amenities

The RAK region offers many industrial and business amenities to professionals, thereby meeting their requirements. A couple of personalised facilities include:

  • Flexi-desk facilities: Ideal for SMEs, startups, entrepreneurs and more
  • Warehouse & Land: Available in variable sizes and ideal for trading, logistics, and manufacturing

#4 Setup Cost is Not Expensive

The UAE has attracted more investors & establishes itself as an international business platform. So, when it’s about the RAK region, you may experience a lower setup expense with business setup choices. An entrepreneur can also opt for excellent cost strategies that this region holds.

There exist high, medium, and small-sized warehouses tailored for businesses depending on the activities. Some activities cover manufacturing, trading, assembly, storage, utility, transport, security, and more. So, they are personalised solutions offering benefits to business investors regardless of their size or nature.

#5 A Speedy Business Establishment Procedure

Besides the cost parameter, the next important feature that grabs business owners’ attention is RAK’s brisk business setup procedure.

#6 The Business License

The UAE mandates business owners to avail of various licenses depending on specific business activities. The activity list of RAKEZ is the largest amongst UAE free zones. Below are the activities divided into some categories:

  • Industrial
  • Service
  • Commercial
  • Educational
  • Media
  • Individual / professional E-commerce

Before setting up your company, you must avail a category depending on the business activity.

So, if you’re in Abu Dhabi and wish to have an office facility with affordable costs, RAKEZ is a free zone of your choice. For further information, consult the team of Emirabiz.