Get Instagram Followers Using These Steadfast Solutions


Wondering how your friend is escalating the ladder of social media presence? Sulking over fewer Instagram followers although your profile has that edge? Worry not. Here are some steadfast solutions to help you get Instagram followers.

Instagram is one of the most used social networking sites for both communication and personal purposes. Its role in growing conversions and building an active audience is unmistakable. You can be living in a remote locale yet your life can be the center of attention for thousands and lakhs of followers. But exactly how?

The essential ingredient is to make your followers happy and post what they want to see. Follow these simple yet effective ideas to get Instagram followers in quick succession.

1 . Zeroing down on an audience base should be the OG first step. If makeup videos are your forte, then stick to them. Once you get hold of a core and dedicated audience, you can juggle with new concepts.

  1. Innovation is the key. Come up with brand new ideas. Or create new, quirky trends. Thereafter, ask your audience to indulge in them and create their versions of reels and posts. You must have seen recent song promotions using this effective strategy.
  2. From the former point, we draw our next major key to get Instagram followers. Hashtag it! Find hashtags that are not overpopulated and will be checked by the target audience. Categorize your posts and reels under the right hashtag. Relevant hashtags bring you to the doorstep of Instagram’s ever-increasing community.
  3. Calls-to-action is a tried and tested strategy to bond with your followers. Replying to comments, conversing over DMs, posting their work on your stories makes you approachable and who doesn’t admire an approachable influencer?
  4. For increasing your reach, collaborate and campaign with notable influencers. A follow back, dropping comments, and appreciating a peer’s creative spadework wins admiration. This will give you access to their viewership. Healthy competition is always a great way to surge ahead in your field of business.
  5. The homepage of your website is your Instagram bio. The idea of brand identity comes in and from there stems brand loyalty. Build your brand starting with an impressive bio – have a searchable username using specific keywords and the right hashtag. The link in the bio is the cosmic route to drive Instagram traffic to your website.
  6. Post regularly with engaging content and maintain a specific timing. Experiment with the timing initially trying to understand the best time for public engagement and maintain that consistency. Posting at the right time encourages more visibility by increasing the overall engagement.
  7. Link your Instagram account with other social networks, especially LinkedIn. Cross-promotion would drive traffic from your other socials to Instagram.

Opt for organic growth as compared to synthetic viewership which can only satiate one’s ego. Fake accounts and bots do not provide organic engagement. Real people, when satisfied with your content, would themselves share your work and this would lead to a ‘word of mouth’ campaign.

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