Moving companies play a vital role in the relocation process. Hiring movers is like giving a team of professional movers a great deal of responsibility. Since it is quotidian for the movers to pack/unpack, load/load, and transport household goods from one place to another, they get the job done in the most cost-effective and time-efficient manner. Whether you’re enlisting commercial moving services in Toronto or residential moving services anywhere nearby, you are sure to have plain-sailing moving experiences.

But you need to make certain that your belongings are getting moved under the auspices of the right moving company as getting your belongings being held hostage for movers’ extortionate demands is the last thing you want.  Therefore, you need to be very particular when it comes to hiring a moving company. Following are the few factors that can help you single out the reliable movers.

Reliable Movers Take An Accurate Inventory.

One of the first things an authentic moving company does is ask for a home visit. Instead of estimating overall cost over the phone, they visit your home, check out the items thoroughly and then estimate the overall cost. Most movers calculate the price of moving by the weight of their possessions, which is why movers have to arrive at your home to get a fair idea of the cost.

Say No To Movers That Go By Multiple Names

It’s a bad sign when a moving company changes its name multiple times. Yes, there can be various legitimate reasons for changing the company’s name as well. But still, you need to ask your prospective movers about why they have changed their name. It’s because some movers try to hide their identity because negative customers’ reviews and complaints are usually issued on BBB (Better Business Bureau) on company’s name.

Is A Company Licensed?

Your prospective movers must own a moving license as it is obligatory as per the law. Movers are also required to have a DOT number if they operate moving in other states as well. Another way you can verify whether or not you are under the aegis of right movers is by checking out their online reviews such as Google Reviews, Yelp Reviews, etc.

Do They Provide Insurance

Movers must provide insurance services. You need to remember that these insurances can’t cover the overall cost of your lost damaged possessions. However, movers usually provide multiple insurance plans to choose from. So be sure to inquire about those plans and choose the best one.

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