Benefits and Drawbacks of Lawn Mowers Discussed Briefly


Most professional landscaping companies would look forward to using a stand-on land mower for reducing some of their workloads. You may often wonder whether a land mower from is something you should be using for your ground maintenance needs.

Benefits of a stand on lawnmower

It would be worth mentioning here that a majority of landscapers would make the most of a stand on lawnmowers, especially the ones working in metropolitan areas where the clients have relatively smaller properties. These properties would be highly landscaped for their specific use.

The best thing for a machine would be that it is relatively easy for maneuvering through relatively tight spaces. It would manage the hillside terrain adequately well. It would also offer the operator enhanced visibility, as he works the machine in and around various landscape obstructions.

Moreover, the lawnmower could mow quickly in all kinds of open areas. Such machines compare decently to compact mowers, as they tend to feature more engine power along with floating decks.

Two styles of lawn mowers

Stand on lawn mowers would be available in two styles –

  • Fixed deck
  • Floating deck

The stand on fixed deck lawnmowers offers a lower price point. It could assist in enticing you to choose them over the traditional walk-behind mower. The lawnmower with a floating deck might also come equipped with features such as an engine with higher horsepower and a wider cut width. These would entice you to purchase it over the other available mowers.

Moreover, lawnmowers would help in cutting down unproductive time, as you could quickly step on and off them. They would also permit the operator to readjust their overall position for reproducing stiffness.

They would be highly compact as compared to ride-on mowers. They would be loaded easily onto a trailer. They have been relatively lighter compared to the other available mowers. It would be easier to operate, as moving their center of gravity and adjusting their specific position. It has been an ideal feature when mowing on slopes. Due to their lightweight, they would avoid the creation of ruts on specific lawns.

Drawbacks of stand on lawn mowers

These lawnmowers would have a relatively slower ground speed. They would need the operator to stand along with the machine throughout the process. Moreover, due to their small size, they would be difficult to service compared to other available lawnmowers. The size would also reduce the capability of carrying more features, tools, and accessories.

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